Silk Scarves - Island Flower and Art Motif

Frederique Chesher Silk creations

The lagoon islands and surrounding wilderness areas of New Caledonia have an astonishing variety of wild flowers, often found only in these islands.

Frederique's hand painted silk creations capture the essence of the New Caledonia wildflowers and of the artistic patterns created by the diverse cultures represented in New Caledonia

This website presents an opportunity to purchase Frederique's silk scarves online.

Each one pictured below is unique, hand painted, and will be an exclusive present for your loved one.

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Silk Scarf Lapita Design

Lapita Pottery design - inspired by ancient pottery designs from the first residents of New Caledonia, the Lapita people.

Size 530mm X 1300mm
Size 21inches X 4 feet 3 inches.



Silk Scarf Polynesian Design

Polynesian Tapa design - inspired by Tapa designs by the Polynesian residents of New Caledonia.

Size 530mm X 1300mm
Size 21inches X 4 feet 3 inches.


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